Classic menswear mod suit | 1960s vintage style today

Classic menswear mod suit

The ultimate 1960s style authentic menswear. Specializing in suits, a variety of sizes available. British cloth is without a doubt (and has always been) the finest in the world, combine this with classic English style with a truly tailored cut, then is it a wonder that this classic ‘English Sixties’, is still the envy of the World.

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A range of suits, shirts, coats, and ties adhering to the design rules of London’s tailoring scene in 1963 64/65; authentic detailing, quality construction, and incorporating some modern twists. Popular with bands and bankers alike, you probably won’t find a closer cut off the peg suit.

1960s vintage style

The current hipster trend forskinny suits, knit ties, and classic footwear began in the 1960s with the Mod Fashion. 1960s men’s fashion suits started with the classic American suit of the 1950s but quickly slimmed down into an ultra-skinny suit with narrow lapels, tailored waist, and a short jacket that was always single-breasted. Patterns could be plain, but that was too boring for most 60s men. Large plaids, checks, and stripes in earth tones or vibrant colors made the 1960s swing.

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