About Us

MODFASHION GS is a luxurious British fashion house established 10 years ago. We deal in men’s fashion of the 60’s as a way of bringing back the classical look. Yes, fashion changes from time to time but the trends go back to the sixties. 
The new fashion trends have borrowed a huge deal from the 60’s men’s collection. To give you a bit of touch and make your fashion sense unique we tend to spice up our cloth line. Our team of exceptional and highly skilled tailors customizes the clothes to give you a sophisticated look. It will even be hard to tell if your fashion sense belongs to the 60’s. 
The designs are tailored to fit your fashion needs and you can wear the clothes on any occasion. Whether you want a casual or formal wear, MODFASHION has got your back.    
Why choose us
  • Versatility
  • Timeless designs
  • House deliveries
  • 24/7 customer services
  • Affordable luxurious collection
  • Highly trained personnel with exceptional craftsmanship 
MODFASHION GS is the place to shop. Our 60’s retro fashion for men is considered stylish and classic. Though conservative, they give you a polished look. Our luxurious cloth line takes you back to the time when fashion was considered a thing for the wealthy classes. Though, we make it affordable in the 21st century.
Men's fashion in the 60 s came with many trends that evolved through time. From the hippie movements, beatniks, racing clothes, surf culture, and even Motown style. One may think it was started by youthful men who loved funk and soul music, which was inspired by the 60 s celebrities. 
But, the truth is even middle aged men had a part to play. The group came up with a fashion trend which replaced the suits. They wore cardigans sweaters, sportscoat, polo shirts. This is a look any golfer would want to rock when heading to a golf course. 
Some of the products we offer are:
  • Mod Suits
  • Mod blazers
  • mod shirts
  • mod trousers
  • Parka
  • Boating blazer
  • Overcoat
  • Colored vest
  • Causal polo shirts 
  • Tie and Accessories
  • Ladies wear
Our team understands the 60’s fashion and produces timeless designs. Each cloth is crafted with a keen eye for details. Every stitch made has to be perfect and it is checked by our quality inspection team. Nothing is left to chance since we love to give you a feel of the original of 60’s men’s casual or even formal fashion.
The collection comes in various designs and sizes which fit any height. Plus, we offer room for customizing the designs according to your taste. All you need to do is give us a description of the desired product and we’ll work our magic. And once completed the clothes shall be delivered to your doorstep by our competent personnel.   
Blending the 60’s and 21-century fashion collection for men requires a lot of work. There has to be thorough research on the fashion trends from back then and incorporate it. And this should be done without making one look like an old lost soul in the 21st generation of men. 
For this reason, we take time to ask our consumers what they want and need when it comes to fashion. Listen to them has made our British collection a successful brand for the last 10 years. Therefore, contact us on www.modfashiongs.com and let us bring out the 60’s in you.