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Mod trouser for men

For a smart casual look check out our hopsack trousers that look equally cool dressed up or down. Tailored vintage clothing men's slim mod trouser uk.Men’s wide legs pants from the pre-1950s turned into skinny pants in the 60s, men’s flare pants in the 1970s

What is a Mod trouser?

The 1960s was the pinnacle of subculture and fashion, and the 1970s fashion revival followed. A young working-class generation (short for "modernists") was inspired by sharp Italian tailoring mod trouser. Men's slim fit mod trouser in uk.

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Mod fans return time after time to buy the famous stay pressed trousers by Merc, available in a range of colours. Striped trouser .mod-trousers-47037.1613215794.jpg


Design: Richard Harris slim fit navy-blue pinstriped mod trouser

Design: Classic navy blue strped flannel wool pinstriped trouser/ Colour: navy blue  / Lining colour: Maroon / Fit: Slim and comfort fit / Cloth composition:100% wool / Inner lining:55% viscose & 45% Acetate / Caring: Dry clean only /Style: Crafted in a luxurious / Cloth weight:220 (GSM) / Super count: Super 180s / Season: All

Fabric manufacture: Made in England,  Suit manufacturing origin: TH, BD, USA

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